What if we imagined the future world together ?


We hope to finally emerge from a health crisis that has shaken many of our convictions. We have rediscovered these last few months how much social ties were part of our daily happiness. At the Tricoterie, it is the very DNA of our "Fabrique de liens" that has been put under a bell. Today, we see the end of the tunnel and we wish to carry a message of hope. We want to believe in a warm, friendly, and festive future.

Two years ago, an expansion project was launched, with the creation of new spaces (including a 160-seat theatre), green roofs and new perspectives for our cultural season. Today, in spite of the crisis, the project is taking shape against all odds... in order to finance these new developments, the cooperative is launching a fundraising campaign and proposes to make a New Start together .

We invite you to come on board, if you believe, like us, that our society needs more than ever cultural and participative spaces, where we cultivate encounters and where we question the world of tomorrow. You will be investing in a sustainable and innovative place, and you will be able to get involved in a meaningful and socially responsible project.


You can subscribe for shares that are issued at a value of 230 euro. You will find in the downloadable documents an explanation on the valuation of "shares" today. Briefly, this valuation is done in a cautious and realistic way. Indeed, only the net assets (building and equipment) have been taken into account, and not the "activity", notably because of the current context.
You can therefore take a share starting at 230 euro and thus become co-owner of a part of the project. In order to finance the new developments, we need to reach 300,000 euro of additional capital. You can follow the evolution of the campaign on the counter above... and become one of the small (or large) rivers that will form the ocean of tomorrow.

The latest shareholdings :

  • 03/2021: Sandra Gottcheiner subscribed for 1 shares on March 2021
  • 03/2021: Yves Delattre subscribed for 1 shares on March 2021
  • 03/2021: Sylviane Merchez subscribed for 3 shares on March 2021
  • 03/2021: Fabrice Mahieu subscribed for 1 shares on March 2021
  • 03/2021: Katia Mahieu subscribed for 2 shares on March 2021
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Why become a cooperator?

Becoming a cooperator means, first of all, contributing to the development of the project.
Over the past 10 years, thanks to the contributions of the various cooperators, the Tricoterie has been able to structure itself and finance the purchase of its buildings and finance the various renovation phases. We wish to continue this participative dynamic with the creation of two new rooms and the improvement of our outside spaces.

- Becoming a cooperator does not mean making a donation or to become a sponsor. It means making an investment in a company whose main asset is buildings, which is an important sign of trust. Nevertheless, it is not without risks either, and we would like to refer you to the "Information note" on this subject.

- Afterwards, you will benefit free of charge (only within the framework of this campaign) from the first "Tricoteur Member" card, a pass for many of the activities of the next season and discounts.

- Finally, it means joining the community of Tricoteur-Co-operators who will be increasingly involved in the activities and even in the programmation. Indeed, on the medium term, we wish to associate the choices of our programming committee with a decision-making process where the voices of the cooperators will also be solicited to establish a part of our season, which will be "the cooperators’ programming".

How to become a cooperator?

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Photos and maps

  • Plan 3D de l'espace extérieur
  • Plan 3D de la nouvelle salle de concert et spectacle
  • Plan 3D de notre nouvelle salle de concert et spectacle
  • Plan de coupe de nos nouvelles salles
  • Plan de nos nouvelles salles
  • Scène ouverte du lundi soir
  • Les Liaisons Joyeuses (Théâtre)