Sustainable location


The "sustainable" positioning of our approach is simple: we wish to put meaning and reflection into our event practices and those of our partner-clients.

This means first of all, sustainable food: food and drinks from organic, fairtrade, seasonal, and/or local agriculture that are offered at our bar, during our brunch, coffee, restaurant, and of course our "home" catering service during the events.

Then, at all stages of the event organization, we try to develop a sustainable approach: reflection on mobility and the ecological impact of events, waste management and cleaning with green products, optimised energy consumption (double-flow ventilation, LEDs, photovoltaic panels, etc.), and the use of renewable energy sources (solar panels, etc.). photos below...), programming of numerous zero-waste workshops (DIY maintenance products), natural cosmetics, facto-fermentation and kombucha, bokashi compost, recycling workshops, Vermicompost, bee’s wrap, mushroom growing on coffee grounds, etc.).
We still have a lot of projects that we would like to develop, such as the installation of a rainwater recovery system for cleaning and sanitation.


Like many citizens’ movements, born in reaction to the excesses of ultra-liberalism and a hyper-individualised model of society, we felt the need to regain meaning and to act by helping to change the world we live in. In the continuation of the Occupy movement, but also in the more general framework of sustainable development, we want to look for solutions and to become builders and "knitters" of a new society.
We believe that this requires a return to meaningfulness, a sense of responsibility on the part of citizens and businesses, and a more conscious way of life.


La Tricoterie regularly programmes social cohesion activities in order to mobilise its neighbourhood, its municipality, its region and all the communities that can gather around the idea of a "Link Factory".

These activities aim to create social interaction by breaking down the barriers that traditionally keep us apart from each other. It is the intergenerational activities that try to fight stereotypes and bring people together regardless of age, origin or social class.

As an example, we can mention the now famous "Sephardic couscous" which brings together Jews and Arabs around what brings these two communities together (food, tradition, origin, music...).
The "open stage" at the "Café" on Monday evening offers the opportunity for Brussels artists to meet on stage for a few songs, shared with an audience from all horizons.

The "Tricoteur’s restaurant", with its "long meeting table", aims to combat isolation and also to offer everyone the opportunity to remain curious and broaden their circle of acquaintances.

Finally, there is "les liaisons joyeux", a project carried out in partnership with "Théâtre & Réconciliation", which brings together on stage local people, artists, people with disabilities or addictions, and newcomers. In the context of a theatre production, these participants come together to talk about "living together" after an residency at La Tricoterie.

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